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  1. KD
    April 5, 2016 @ 4:56 pm

    Boo Hiss! I love Ringling and the few other circuses I have been too. Unfortunately you are seeing this as black and white … as in BAN ANIMALS and said ANIMALS LIVE FREE & HAPPY IN THE WILD FOR EVER AND EVER. Sadly I don’t think that is at ALL the case. Let the elephants live in Africa? Do you have any idea what is happening to the elephants in undeveloped countries right now? They are being killed faster than they are being born. Circuses may not be a bed of roses for the animals but it sure beats certain death.


  2. Mary
    May 23, 2016 @ 8:23 pm

    Victoria – I just finished Jane Smiley’s trilogy and I am bursting to discuss it. I remembered your post, so here I am! Anyway, have you thought about doing a virtual book club through your blog?

    Secondly about the trilogy. Hmmmm… well, I think they’re better read when you read all three in a row so the threads make more sense, but a lot of things got lost in the shuffle for me. PARTICULARLY in book 3. The ending just absolutely fell apart. Too much focus on the twins – never hearing Michael’s thoughts were annoying when contrasted constantly to how unrelentingly horrible he is. I get it – the twins are supposed to represent extremes of Franks good and bad traits (the Angel and the Devil, so to speak), but the hand was overplayed. Clearly the apex of the book was Frank vs. Joe and how their nuclear families resolved themselves, but I really was disappointed by the ending – which was so overplayed and frankly, frustratingly imprecise. It just sort ended with a big plopping dud. And I think accidentally, a very scathing snub against farming. I know the point was supposed to indicate how American values so rapidly shifted against hard-work in the span of a century, and that sleazy corporate values trump all, but it was just too overly rendered for my taste. It would have been far better served to allow Team Joe some triumph.

    Furthermore there was just too much of those twins! The author was clearly more fascinated with them than anyone else. And much too much Janet – who frankly, made zero sense. What on earth was she so bitter about again? I would have much preferred more insights into Lillian’s children. Or Joe’s daughter Annie. Or Lois. Or Claire’s sons. Or Claire at all! It seemed like her life was so rushed in the fragments as well. Andy, as intriguing as she was, also seemed shockingly unformed for how much ‘air play’ she received. Perhaps that was intentional. Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks for giving me a place to share. 🙂


  3. Valerie Murray
    July 2, 2016 @ 8:42 am

    First, I just stumbled upon you and I am poised to seek you out across all your platforms. (Being a proud, crazy cat lady myself, your Instagram cinched it!) Secondly, I’m laughing as I read your thoughts. How many times do we all feel the same way. I want to share something on a social media site but we fear the criticism of complete strangers. Instagram is my…”hmmm this might appall someone on fb space.” Thank goodness Pinterest allows locked boards for my free pinning abandon, away from the judging eyes of others. I applaud your bravery. It’s hard to put yourself out there in the cold, impersonal interweb 😉
    Thank you for feeling free to be fabulous!


    July 17, 2020 @ 2:23 pm

    I have been a dog person all my life til a year ago ish. My fiance mentioned that someday he would like to have a black cat and name it Poe after Edgar Allan Poe. I thought-I can make that happen. I can fulfil this wish. I went to my local shelter and picked a black cat. Drove home and said surprise! We have a cat ! I had no food, no litter, no litter box… My now husband was very surprised and pleased. Fast forward to now: I have 4 cats. What happened to me? How did this happen? The amount of litter we go through is ungodly–but I wouldnt trade it for anything. The fourth and final cat, is my cat, Cody. We were decorating for Halloween (we love Halloween) It was just dark enough to see the string lights and other lighted decorations. I suggested taking a look at/admire the house decorations from across the street, when a ball of fur came flying across the lawn making a sound I had never heard before. It startled and confused me before I realized it was a cat. All gray with yellow eyes. Immediately she was very loving and affectionate—but we were getting married and honeymooning in in less than a week…..oh my heart. I held that cat’s face in my hands and I told her: if you’re still here when I get back you’re mine! She was. And she is. All of this to say: I hear you. I feel you. I understand you. The emotion of what you’re going through with Elvis is the culmination of a relationship of love towards your pet and there is nothing better than the joy they give. Be sad but confident that you provided a life of comfort, love and a well lived life for your pet. Hugs jo


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