The week after I posted my how to make a Christmas bow tutorial, I sat slack-jawed in front of the computer… compulsively refreshing my blog-stats.

The magic of Christmas has been redefined for me, because now I understand that ALL day and ALL night, people are out there on Google and Pinterest, looking for DIY Christmas decorations.

It made me ecstatic.  And then plunged me into despair.  Because I have no more crafts… And I will not go back, people. I will not go back into the darkness. The cave of obscurity.  Do you understand me?


Forget writing about the bathroom remodel! Bring me ribbon. Bring me garland. Bring me glitter. I will craft them into something delightful for you.

My goal was to be the ultimate source for all Christmas decorations. So that when people Google “Christmas,” all Google would show them was my blog.

But then, as with all things, I got distracted…

As of last Thursday, both of my brothers are home and I’ve run out of motivation to do anything but hang out with family, eat way too many cookies, and play charades… The holiday-feeling will be complete when we are all completely sick of each other.

So here are more holiday decorating photos, the lazy way… follow the links in the captions!

Happy Holidays, I hope you get to spend them with people you love!

Fill a glass cloche with christmas ornaments for a fast holiday centerpiece... Take a holiday tour and see all my DIY Christmas decorating ideas!

fill a glass cloche with christmas ornaments for a fast holiday centerpiece

index of all holiday decorating posts.

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