DIY kitchen remodel — antique mirror over kitchen sink.

Originally I thought we would end up with something similar to one of these options over the kitchen sink.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a solution that I LOVED, that was also practical and kitchen-y… because sometimes I forget the natural order of things and I try to be reasonable.

Once I let go of what I “should” do over the kitchen sink, and embraced what I would LOVE, the solution became obvious: MORE GIANT FANCY THINGS FOR EVERYONE.

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A manifesto against the tyranny of luxury kitchens.

Before the internet, you only had to keep up with the Joneses…  They were real people who lived next-door and probably drove a Corvette.

And even if you might have liked their car for yourself, you knew for a fact that they wore too much cologne, misused the word Machiavellian, and were just generally unlikable people who let their dog poop in everyone’s yard.

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Kitchen remodel progress: evolution of the sink wall.

Paul was on vacation a few weeks ago… a time of dirt, noise, kitchen progress, and me deciding that now would be the best time to try to convince him that we should drive to Arkansas to spend a shockingly-unholy amount of money on something utterly un-kitchen related… on Craigslist.

He said no… but what I heard was: sell everything we own.

I cannot show you what it is, because one of you probably has $8,000 that you do not need, and I cannot be the the one to facilitate your owning of what is rightfully mine.

So, instead of a trip to Arkansas, we have been working on multiple kitchen and addition projects… In an attempt to make the progress coherent, I am focusing on the sink wall.

What we started with in the kitchen/more before pictures.

See our DIY kitchen remodel… we are restoring an old Victorian house, one room at a time.

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Options for a kitchen design with no window over the sink.

Our kitchen design process has been like a presidential campaign: full of passionate idealism that evaporated in the face of reality.

Paul has been cast as John McCain… a man who was doing just fine until he saddled himself with a woman who could see Russia from her house.

And for the record, I CAN see Russia. It is giant. And suitably fancy. And populated by people who have a historical flair for hats and dictators.

огромные причудливые украшения!!

Our old Victorian house has no window over the kitchen sink… here is a collection of design ideas for alternatives to a window over the kitchen sink.

Hollywood Sierra… you will love the rest of the kitchen too!

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