Bathroom Remodel

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  1. Ripmart

    Amazing pictures of bathroom!! Thanks for sharing .


  2. Tina

    Hey Victoria!
    What did you use at outlet cover plates and light plates?


    • Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

      Just regular old plastic… But now that you mention it, I see I failed to capitalize on all opportunities for endlessly-researching tiny details.


  3. Patsy

    I was thinking that you (Ms. Victoria) must be a little bit crazy and you should be ashamed of yourself for all of the decadent ideas that you’ve come up but I had to face the reality that you have created my dream spaces! ARGH! You’re just so much more daring. I want those things but I wouldn’t dare believe that I deserve them. Your design ideas are great for DIYers like myself. Actually, I do have a very deep recessed medicine cabinet in my bathroom- it’s almost a walk-in closet. I just remodeled the bathroom and now you’ve given me the inspiration to elevate that closet to fit the rest of the space. Thank you! Thank you! You are the ultimate DIVA! {smooches}


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