Hall Bath

Our solution to a window in the shower.

don’t miss the before-and-after bath remodel!

Every month, I get a few emails asking how we handled the window in our shower…

I’d like to reply—oh, la la la… that’s so boring… Wouldn’t you rather ask me what I’m planning to be for Halloween?

Why is no one curious about that?

But instead of grilling them about their failure to ask me the truly important questions, I cobble together a response about the window.  And I promise that SOON I’ll do a real post.

So—to the people I told that to, and never did it? I’m sorry.
Now you know what my husband deals with every day.
What takes other people one hour?  Takes me 49 years.

It causes all kinds of problems…  Most of which are way more serious than unwritten blog posts.

Anyway. We have a large window in our shower…  it’s not unusual in old houses.

Our old-house bathroom has a large window IN the shower...  See our DIY solution to cover it... and the entire before-and-after remodel!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Bath Remodel: Fixtures and Vendors

If you missed the bathroom reveal, it’s here!

I don’t know how anyone designed their dream bathroom, prior to the advent of online-shopping.  I mean, I understand it if you are a hedge-fund manager.  Or a time-share magnate…  But if you are not?  And you actually want to have money left over to buy shampoo?  The internet is a magical place full of treasure and discount bathroom fixtures.

The only price of admission is your commitment.

Your commitment to looking. And looking and looking. And comparing.  And having seventy-two browser-windows, full of 18,956 tabs, all of which are on different design sites… that you CANNOT FORGET TO GO BACK TO.

Your commitment, to spending all your brainpower scrolling, scrolling, scrolling… through inspiration photos and chat boards, and Pinterest, and the abyss of Google image searches.

And?  Since I am nothing, if not committed? I spent a truly outrageous amount of time on the internet… I bought everything except our tile online.

DIY vintage bathroom renovation—see the extra-large recessed, mirrored cabinet we designed and built!

The DIY large medicine cabinet is my favorite element… and it cost next to nothing!

If you’re new to our bath remodel, you should read this post first.  It’s ALL about how much I LOVED the whole DIY aspect.  And how EASY it was to design.  And how much FUN I had trying to cram all my ideas in a small and narrow bathroom.. Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Bath Remodel: Before and After.

The bathroom remodel took at least three times as long as it should have.
Possibly four.  Possibly nine.

My decision-making process was gruesomely slow and drove Paul to the brink of madness.

I mean that.  Not in an exaggerated way.  But in a very accurate way.  It made him crazy that he could not force me to pick a tile, a grout, lights, faucets, a sink, towel bars, a shower dial thing…

But?  In my quest for the perfect bathroom / making my husband crazy?  I win.


Totally DIY! Vintage-inspired bathroom remodel.  We used subway tile, marble lookalike and designed a custom medicine cabinet.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.