After we (Paul) ripped off the sheetrock.  We found this:

An entire other bathroom.  With walls.  And a floor.  All set in concrete.  With reinforcement wire and everything.

If you have never removed wetbed material from five surfaces?  You do not understand the meaning of tedious.  You may also not understand the meaning of dirt.  Or banging, banging, banging, banging… which is how you remove solid concrete.

The floor was an especially loud and irritating task. When the previous owner redid the bathroom, he poured another wetbed on top of the first floor.  Thanks, Steve.

Then?  Once you rip out the sheetrock, the old tile, the old concrete, the reinforcement wire, and the ceiling plaster… You have to carry it out of your house.  And store it until trash day.

See the finished project: our Vintage-inspired bathroom.



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