1. Laura F
    July 13, 2020 @ 10:43 am

    “”””And I’m confused by what that question means.

    I’m not going to DO anything with it.

    It exists. Therefore it is mine.”””

    You are my spirit human-animal….everything that goes on in my brain when I see a piece I NEED, you have somehow spoken to the world! Hahahaha….the “others” don’t get it, do they? 😉

    I just discovered your blog through Thistlewood Farms blog….you are now going to the top of my list of must-reads at the top of each morning!


  2. Edward brown
    September 6, 2020 @ 2:50 pm

    This looks incredible and something of a gem to find, congratulations to you… 🙂


  3. Marty Schoenleber
    September 6, 2020 @ 10:20 pm

    Please, collect your Craigslist posts and publish a book. I’ll buy it.


  4. Kathy Potvin
    October 27, 2020 @ 10:05 am

    why ever do you repost 7 year old posts ???


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