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I hope you are impressed with my craft skills.

WHY is this not a post about the bed? It’s because I am disorganized. Hopefully you will forgive me when you see the video of us outside the house, hauling it up to the second floor so we can shove it in the front window.
End preface.

Back at Christmas I did a video with Hometalk, (sort of a Facebook/social-sharing for home and garden projects). The topic was holiday decorating ideas and they asked me to demonstrate my one craft skill: how to make a bow.

It was pretty exciting to me because I do not comprehend the difference between a Google+ hangout and being on TV. (If you are curious, the video is at the end of this post… I talk too much and mistakenly refer to Paul as long-suffering instead of extremely lucky.)

Apparently I fooled Hometalk into thinking I am a competent-type-person. Because they asked me if I wanted to be a “featured blogger” in the Pinterest party they are doing with Michael’s on Sunday.

Which? Hello? Yes. Thank you, I do. In fact, there is nowhere I would NOT be a featured blogger. If someone told me I could be the featured blogger at the grand reopening of Alcatraz, I would wear sequins and hope that I got to give a speech.

DIY housewarming gift – make a pretty and practical gift basket.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

When you assume your husband can help you sew DIY Christmas bows.

My original idea for how to make this bow was a simple piece of red ribbon… Perhaps you’ve heard of it?  Ribbon? A product that you can buy at the store that you do not need to craft in your workshop of craftiness?

But since I’m me, I decided to make my own! So I could give the bow contrasting red stripes! Fun! Like a Christmas tuxedo!  And it’s harder this way!

If something will take me 57 times longer, but be 1% nicer, I am all for it.

Besides, why do something quickly that you can actually finish, if you have the option of getting involved in a project that will spiral out of control?

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

DIY Giant Glitter Snowflakes

After I showed you part-one of my Christmas decorations, some of you said – wow, you really got your house cleaned up since you showed us the decorating war zone.

And I would like to say – Um. No. I have not. What I DID do was shove all of the piles of crap out of the picture.

I need one of those hotel-bellman trolleys. So I can just load it up and wheel all the junk out of whatever room I want to impress you with.

I guess I could also throw some of this stuff away, but for some reason the bellman trolley seems more practical.

Anyway, it is time to start showing you my glitter mania. Starting with giant DIY snowflakes. They are super fast and easy IF YOU GET YOUR HUSBAND TO MAKE THEM…

Decorating our Victorian home for Christmas & a DIY glitter-snowflake tutorial. Decorating our Victorian house for Christmas & a DIY glitter-snowflake tutorial.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.