Favorite new-to-me dahlias I grew this year.

These are just the dahlias that I am growing for the first time… You can see my full flower order and last year’s favorites in my earlier dahlia post. I am leaving out anything I’m not happy with or that isn’t performing well.

Overall I like a pink/yellow color scheme with some purple/orange for variety and contrast… But sometimes I get distracted and start thinking I need extra variety. Which is always a mistake— I am someone who needs no variety at all.

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A video tutorial for making soil blocks – how to start seeds indoors.

Starting your seeds indoors is effort on the front end, but the benefits are worth it – your plants get a headstart on the season and your germination/growth rate will be better/faster because you can provide ideal conditions.

I use a system of soil blocks, plastic trays, heat mats, and overhead lighting… most of this is self-explanatory with the exception of the soil blocker– it’s a hand-held tool that makes nifty little soil containers for your seeds.

With soil blocks you do NOT need pots or anything else. When you are ready to plant your seedlings, they go right in the ground.

How to start seeds indoors, a video tutorial for making soil blocks. I’ve tried EVERY method, this is the BEST.

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Garden photos & the dahlias I’m growing this year.

Up until last summer, I avoided the really huge, dinner-plate dahlias.

I have enough garden-chores without making more work for myself by committing to the staking of non-essential plants… Plus, anything that cannot survive rain is a ridiculous garden-choice.

However, I am a ridiculous person so I do not know why I disavowed such a fundamental plant-match.

Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers— especially for cutting.  See my best varieties in bloom!

vassio meggos

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