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My Favorite Finds

Let’s start the year out right – giant antique card catalog.

I like my New Year’s resolutions to avoid any whiff of self-evaluation. I am already the best at what I do: irritable, controlling, whimsical, hoarding, weird grammatical choices… there is no room for improvement.

As validation that I am doing life extra right, the universe has sent me yet another giant piece of furniture that I do not need… practically for free.

Thanks, universe!

This antique card catalog is the latest of my AMAZING finds… You should SEE the list of things I’ve scored on Craigslist!!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Giant Fancy Yard Sale Find, (and other junk I did not need).

Every fall our neighborhood has a townwide yard-sale. And as I explained in last year’s yard sale post, it is not unusual for me to be a few houses ahead of Paul.
I wrote:

Paul likes to talk to the neighbors. And his leisurely, garden-party-mentality makes me insane… This is not a social event. This is war. Someone will win, I would like it to be me.

This is what I mean by winning:

My yardsale haul included a HUGE piece of architectural salvage, a vintage enamel tray, and other useless treasures.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.