My Favorite Finds

Trash night is the best night: vintage dining room set.

Finding things is cyclical. Sometimes you find ALL of the things… And that is what is happening right now.

Or, alternately, I am entering a manic hoarding phase.

Either way, there are things I NEED TO GET.
Many things.

But there is a problem: these things require money. And I have agreed to a deeply restrictive and misguided budget where overages are required to be submitted for approval, prior to release of funds.

Vintage dining room set we scored on trash night!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

The Auction Olympics.

The acquisition troll is on her hamster wheel… churning away, wearing an 80’s style sweatband and leg warmers.

She was the one who suggested I go back, alone– the day after the auction previews, to two, separate auctions… and drive back and forth between the two in order to bid on items of questionable value… then run glassy-eyed to my car and drive back to the other auction while psychically-willing them to not have begun bidding on my next thing.

Paul thought that doing this once would cure me forever. But I guess he does not know me at all.

My latest auction finds… I love giant, fancy, old junk, and auctions are a great source for inexpensive furniture and decor!

the sofa.  the wardrobe... not the bookcase’s forever home, but I need to sell the one it’s replacing.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Budget for hoarding.

As punishment for allowing someone else to walk away with my heart’s desire, I must now go to all auctions, at all times, regardless of whether I even WANT to… it feels like a vendetta. Against myself.

I told Paul that I will now approach auctions like a military assignment; there will be no excuses for poor performance.

Paul said – I will mark the calendar: three months, bankruptcy.
I said – I doubt it will take that long.

My theory of appropriate auction behavior: BUY ALL OF THE THINGS.

I posted this on facebook… but I needed it to live on permanently in a blog post.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.