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Our DIY bathroom design and old house renovation.

Victorian wrap around porch painting and restoration.

Old house kitchen remodel and DIY design.

My favorite flowers for a cottage garden, and shade, and how to grow cuttings.

How to make a bow, step by step DIY with wired ribbon.

Collecting antiques on Craigslist.  My Victorian mirrors and Victorian wardrobe.

I love Mad Men.  Betty Draper costume.  Best friend.

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  1. Nancy

    You are just cuter than a bugs ear. Love your blog.


  2. Claire @ A Little Claireification

    Well I’ll admit my heart is a little broken that you aren’t stalking me back all over social media… but I subscribed to your email anyway. ;) Love your posts. They have been known to make me snort coffee out of my nose so, while that isn’t my most attractive look, they are thus classified as funny and read-worthy in my book.


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