GIANT Victorian doll bed… (because kittens need fancy things too!)

I hope those of you who live in the Philadelphia area have been enjoying my absence from Craigslist.

I cannot say why you left me this massively-useless item of fanciness, but if it’s because you acknowledge my Craigslist OG status, I appreciate it.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of checking Craigslist because— brace yourselves— I seem to have acquired everything I need.

Shocking, I know.

Two factors:

1. The Nuclear War of Fanciness.
Apparently, the void in my soul was exactly the shape of this mirror, and now I am cured.

2. My crap-preferences have evolved.
I now prefer such a specific niche of a specific era, that Self rarely sees something worth coveting.

Also, my decluttering project helped me see: unless I am WILDLY IN LOVE… stuff is suffocating for my brain.

I wrote three posts about decluttering:
1. Tidying Up… how Marie Kondo is changing my brain.
2. Spark Joy OR GET OUT.
3. Donating My Stuff After Konmari.

Decluttering is actually what took me back to Craigslist; most of my unwanted stuff I donated, but a few pieces of furniture I was compelled to sell because the ratio of money-to-annoyance was tipped.

Although, not tipped enough for me to FAST get on selling this crap… it took me FOREVER; which validates my personal dictate: GIVE IT AWAY. YOUR SANITY IS WORTH MORE THAN TWENTY DOLLARS.

giant bookcase background/left is herebackground/right is the portal to Narnia

I FINALLY got around to listing my valuable crap on craigslist.
Which reminded me to search for more crap.

And now I am reevaluating the wisdom of not being a hoarder.

I really am using the bed as shown— as a container for throw pillows… I find it DEEPLY IRRITATING when you walk up to the sofa and pillows/blankets/CRAP are cluttering it all up.

I like the sofa to be EMPTY— so that when you have overflowing armloads of kittens/ books/ computer/ food… you can set it all down, without needing to move things.

Also, I am now all about useless things being practical containers.

When I was discarding stuff, I wanted to get rid of ALL my collection of vintage dishes; WHY do I have SO MUCH CRAP?

But one particular set I kept taking out of donation-mountain because I LIKE it! But then I would put it back. Because it’s CRAP.

However, when I was decrapifying the bathroom cabinets, I realized the teacups* I really like are the perfect size to hold all the little random things and to put the oil container in so that it stops making a mess on the glass shelves… so now even inside the bathroom cabinets are visually pleasing to me!

*I did not put them near anything Paul touches because he is HULK SMASH and cannot get the toothpaste out of the cabinet without destroying things.

What I’m reading: Leaving the Witness: Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life, by Amber Scorah.

The first half of this book was interesting, but I did not start to love it until the second half— as she began to question… to lose her understanding of LITERALLY everything… how do you even begin to process that kind of world-shift?

if you missed Mister Cat’s arrival, he is here!

What we’re watching: Good Omens, (Amazon show)

I would not have watched this, but for the recommendation of my bff… it’s light and funny and the writing is smart and fast. Both Paul and I really liked it! It’s based on a book that I had not heard of but am now waiting to get from the library.