A while ago on a Saturday morning, Paul and I were at an estate sale… In the basement was this vintage medical table.

I posted a photo on Facebook asking you to talk me out of it. (Which I knew you wouldn’t.) Half of you said—have you lost your mind?  You do NOT need a portable toilet.

But at least half of you thought I DID need the table.  And at $10, it was the sort of thing that if I didn’t get it, I’d have not-buyer’s remorse.

Vintage medical table from an estate sale. We stripped the paint and refinished it.

So I said to Paul – I guess we’d better get that.  And as he was carrying it upstairs he said – why do you always want to get the crappiest thing in the place?

I looked around, confused… Because, hello? I guarantee you I could find something crappier.

Paul added – if I wanted to bring home ANYTHING from this basement… There is no way you would let me.

Which is true… only one of us can be the arbiter of what disgusting things may enter our home.

Vintage medical table from an estate sale. We stripped the paint and refinished it.

I also got dishes. Because I am a dish hoarder.
Similar to the way Paul is a clamp hoarder.

He claims that you can never have enough clamps. However? I assure you that we have MORE than enough clamps.

If at some point there is a clamp-shortage in the world? We will make a fortune speculating on other people’s clamp–misfortune.

Vintage medical table from an estate sale. We stripped the paint and refinished it.

When we got home, Paul got to work on the table immediately.

I would have just added it to my growing mountain of crap in the garage. But Paul is starting to worry that he will be crushed under the impending avalanche.

Rather than use paint stripper, Paul took the grinder to it.
This was WAY, WAY, WAY faster.
And less likely to give us cancer.

It wouldn’t work for a large surface or for something you were concerned about keeping pristine, but for this, it was great.

We did a coat of primer, and then sprayed it with a white gloss.

Before & After... an old, grimy Vintage medical table from an estate sale gets a makeover. We stripped the paint and refinished it.

At some point the glass shelves were replaced with mirrors and I still have to get replacement glass cut.

I’ve been waiting to do a post until I actually got the shelves… But I’ve recently remembered that any time the last 10% of a project is left to me, historically, it remains unfinished.

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s not staying in the bathroom. It doesn’t actually fit there.

I only put it there for photos because it LOOKS nice, and since this is a blog, I am contractually obligated to make you feel like my living space is nicer than yours.

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