Oversized Victorian Mirror

Auctions– because you can never have too many giant, antique, fancy pieces of junk.

After The Kingdom Mirror went viral, Paul said things like – are you going to leave me for some guy who loves antiques that you meet on the internet?

I said – of course not. Unless he loves cats. Then, maybe.

This was because I’d gotten some emails in the vein of: you are an amazing, glorious, goddess of perfection and giant fancy things, whom I worship and would acquire mirrors for all day long.

And I sort of thought– gosh. Wow. I DO love Paul… but maybe I would love someone else even more? Someone who WANTS to do mirror-retrieval? I mean, for all I know Jon Hamm really likes antiques. And cats.

So I started to wonder – have I inadvertently limited my life’s work by tethering myself to Paul? By choosing someone who is capable of mirror-retrieval, but not enthusiastic for it?

Have I made a terrible mistake?

At some point I started collecting giant, fancy antique mirrors – mantel mirrors, pier mirrors… doesn’t matter as long as they are ornate (and cheap!) See my latest auction-treasure!

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A Christmas Decorating Miracle

There is no end to my creativity when the other option is doing actual work.

For example, if I were to say to myself – Self, you should write the Great American Novel or get your PhD in quantum physics.

Self would say – that sounds boring. And hard. Also, I do not know what quantum physics is.

And I would say – I know, but it is important to do hard, boring things. So that at the end of your life you are not sad that you squandered the opportunity to accomplish them.

To which Self would say – the world already has Jonathan Franzen and Stephen Hawking… what it needs you to do is figure out how to write on The Kingdom Mirror with glitter.

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An original Victorian bar in historic Old City, Philadelphia.

I was in Old City this weekend, filming a movie.

It’s a noir thriller… A tale of intrigue and surprising revelations.
Written by me. Also, directed, by me. And (obviously) starring me.

In other words – I started my Halloween post. AND IT IS AWESOME.
(last year’s Halloween front porch)

I am single-handedly redefining the phrase – stupendous magnificence.
Not to mention the phrase – making a spectacle of myself.

Clearly, Sassafras, on 2nd street in Old City is the only suitable setting for my masterpiece.

Where to go in Old City, Philadelphia. Sassafras is a historic Victorian bar that has been in operation since 1870

website & menu – Sassafras ··· live music & event updates – Facebook

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.