Mad Men

Another bed video & random thoughts.

I wanted to include this video in last week’s post, but I needed to switch video-hosts (my free trial had expired and the service was too expensive,) and I waited until the last minute, and then ran into tech difficulties… No surprise.

Anyway. After I posted the first bed-video, the dominant response was:
A – your husband is a saint.
B – how sweet that he secured you to the roof.

And I would like to say:
A – oh really?
B – before you canonize him, you need to see the unedited clip.

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Just like Casablanca… But with a better ending.

My whole life I have been full of random, useless ideas…  If just having ideas counted for anything, I would be the most productive person on the planet.

Before this blog, these ideas just lived in my head.
But now, I have YOU to foist them upon.

My date with Don Draper.

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If you emailed me or facebooked me or tweeted me, or otherwise contacted me psychically?

Your comments and messages have overwhelmed me with gratitude AND fear that you will think I am ignoring you.

You’ve made me laugh hysterically. You’ve endorsed my belief in unicorns.  You’ve encouraged me to hoard-on.  Which is similar to rock-on.  But without leather pants or electric guitars.

You people have changed my entire worldview.  But not one of you has sent me a clone of myself, which is what I REALLY need.

I WANT to talk to ALL of you.  In fact, it’s the ONLY thing I want to do.  Also, I want to invite you all over for a costume party.  Because FINALLY I have met people to whom I would NOT NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY I would have a costume party on a Wednesday afternoon.

Paul says I cannot do that.  I’m not sure why.  I mean, I told him you are ALL JUST LIKE ME.

So in the meantime, until I can convince him, some of you have questions. Burning questions.  And to spare you any more agony over paint colors and ottomans, here’s a Q. and A.

Tufted linen ottoman and coffee table.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.