Gilded Age

Auctions– because you can never have too many giant, antique, fancy pieces of junk.

After The Kingdom Mirror went viral, Paul said things like – are you going to leave me for some guy who loves antiques that you meet on the internet? I said – of course not. Unless he loves cats. Then, maybe. This was because I’d gotten some emails in the vein of: you are an(…)

Craigslist bed saga, part two.

This is part two of the bed story. Part one is here. It contains important plot elements like sawing the mattress and other modifications for making a full-size antique bed fit a queen-size mattress. Normally I do not like roadtrips. (Or any sort of unnecessary-leaving-of-the-house.) But it was a Sunday shortly before Christmas and it was actually(…)

An original Victorian bar in historic Old City, Philadelphia.

I was in Old City this weekend, filming a movie. It’s a noir thriller… A tale of intrigue and surprising revelations. Written by me. Also, directed, by me. And (obviously) starring me. In other words – I started my Halloween post. AND IT IS AWESOME. (last year’s Halloween front porch) I am single-handedly redefining the(…)