Kitchen planning frustration — I’ll be William Wallace. Paul can be the Irish guy.

Paul and I spent Saturday discussing the kitchen… Or rather, we began a conversation about the kitchen which morphed into generalized irritation, which seamlessly merged into every fight we have ever had about anything house-related.

The kind of irritation that makes you want to lay down on the floor in surrender and say– I give up. You win. This entire conversation is all yours.

Knock. Yourself. Out.

But instead you tiredly suit up for combat because for some reason you must defend the honor of your irritation.

Planning our DIY kitchen remodel – let the relationship-stress begin.

Braveheart/our living room

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

You know your project is out of control when…

This was supposed to be a post about my latest craigslist find and an introduction to the Mirror Troll’s sister – the Bed Troll… But I got a new computer over the weekend and I am still muddling through transferring files and photos and reinstalling applications and trying to figure out why stuff is not syncing.

It is a total novelty that I can do ALL of those things simultaneously without the computer saying–you ask too much of me, I need to lie down.

Further making this a good week: Paul and I were interviewed for a story in The Philadelphia Inquirer about the relationship-stress associated with house projects, big renovations, and everything that goes along with them.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

I’m like Liberace… but with more flair.

When you SEE what I just got on Craigslist?  You will fall over.

But first you need the prequel— about my antique mirror fetish…  So you can understand how on top of the Victorian wardrobe, this year is ushering in an entirely new and stratospherically-superior level of craigslist treasures.

We are DIY-ing a falling-down Victorian house, one room at a time… and the BEST part is the decorating! Craigslist is my greatest source for all kinds of amazing decor and salvaged finds!
Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.