Once upon a time. Craigslist. The end… *video*

While watching yet another stranger enter our home and cart off some of our belongings, Paul said – I finally figured it out: that bookcase is clogs.

He is referencing a story that my parents love to tell:

Shortly before I turned four years old, my parents took me into a shop where I saw a pair of child-sized clogs… and with the conviction of Napoleon building his empire, I knew that THESE WERE MY CLOGS. And when my parents tried to leave the store WITHOUT MY CLOGS, they couldn’t. It was impossible.

They have difficulty putting into words, how a four-year-old child could be uncontrollable between two full-sized adults… and knowing my parents, I’m sure they told themselves this was evidence of my tenacity of spirt; not an indication that they had raised Satan himself.

I refused to leave the store, and eventually my parents were forced to show me that actually, they HAD bought the clogs. They were a surprise for my birthday.

Immediately, Satan retreated and I skipped out of the store.

Then I was fine waiting for the clogs… I would ask— how many days until my clogs? But I was ok, because I knew THEY WERE MINE. Then, once I got the clogs I wore them all of the time, even while sleeping.

CRAIGSLIST has produced all kinds of amazing decor and salvaged finds, but this 9’ tall, carved, renaissance revival bookcase is BY FAR my greatest score! Come tour our Victorian house… we are DIY-ing the restoration, one room at a time… the BEST part is the decorating!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

The Bare Necessities.

I am aware that I am a person whose inner Self appears to skew towards frivolous lunatic… Today’s post will do nothing to alter that perception.

Sometimes people wonder how Paul does not find this deeply aggravating, but that is the miracle of Self’s existence: Self is not contingent on anyone’s approval.

Also, Self would like to remind everyone: you cannot relax your vigilance in training your nearest and dearest to always expect the worst.

antique tall glass door empire bookcaseUsing salvaged and repurposed materials for the kitchen remodel in our old Victorian house! This antique glass front bookcase is going to double as cabinetry and a pantry! See the entire kitchen project… we are repurposing some really beautiful furniture!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

PERSEVERANCE: the courage to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back.

Something is happening in my life that could mean one of two things:

1. My craziness is escalating.
2. Elvis’s impending demise is driving me to seek excessively larger and more mentally-absorbing GFT’s* to experience a feeling other than panic and despair. (*Giant Fancy Thing)

Either way, I have found something. And I cannot unfind it. And I cannot think about anything else. And I am short many thousands of dollars.

Up until last weekend, Paul tried to overlook this new development… but eventually he ran into a problem: trying to live in blind ignorance vs the impossibility of disregarding that I am selling all of our belongings.

We are DIY-ing a falling-down Victorian house, one room at a time… and the BEST part is the decorating! Craigslist is my greatest source for all kinds of antiques, amazing decor and salvaged finds!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.