Designing our bath storage was a challenge.  I wanted an extremely tall, oversized medicine cabinet.  I wanted something recessed, with a huge mirror and glass shelves.  Something that would reflect lots of light and compliment a vintage-style bath.

Clearly, they made this just for me: Roburn, Fairhaven:

Extra tall bath storage... inspiration for our DIY medicine cabinet.

I would clarify why I love it—but I assume its appeal is self-explanatory.

Extra tall bath storage... inspiration for our DIY medicine cabinet.

When I showed it to Paul, I said—LOOK!
I said it with triumph, since it’s an achievement to find the exact thing you wanted.  He looked at the computer, and said, “yes, that is nice.”  Then he went back to ripping up the floor.  I started to explain to him why this was what we needed.  He was busy, so his response was brief:

  • How much?
  • What?
  • No.
  • Unreasonable.
  • Crazy.
  • Let’s talk about it later.

Paul and I have opposite definitions of “reasonable.”   To Paul, unreasonable means a bath fixture that costs more than a crappy used car.  To me, unreasonable means anything you cannot actually get—regardless of hard work, driving yourself insane, stealing, begging, or cheating.  Like, for example, the Breakers Mansion.

Antique bathroom designs

But, the medicine cabinet could have been ours.  There was nothing stopping us…Aside from the approximately $2,500 price tag, and that we wouldn’t have been able to open the door all the way.

After I saw the Roburn cabinet, I spent days shopping for something similar, but more reasonably priced.  The closest thing I found is this extra-tall mirrored medicine cabinet.  Which I really like… it’s 5′ tall, which is great… but only 11″ wide.

I thought the price was great, at under $200, I’d keep it in mind for a different bathroom remodel.


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