Kitchen design, option 2: repurposed cabinetry.

Preface: some posts resist being edited into anything concise/coherent/not containing 57,000 ideas… This is one of them. I love the idea of having a full wall dedicated to just storage in the form of antique, floor-to-ceiling, glass front, wardrobe-ish, built-in library, butler’s pantry, bookcase-ish cabinetry. The best location for such a shrine to awesomeness would be(…)

Budget for hoarding.

As punishment for allowing someone else to walk away with my heart’s desire, I must now go to all auctions, at all times, regardless of whether I even WANT to… it feels like a vendetta. Against myself. I told Paul that I will now approach auctions like a military assignment; there will be no excuses for(…)