Let’s start the year out right – giant antique card catalog.

I like my New Year’s resolutions to avoid any whiff of self-evaluation. I am already the best at what I do: irritable, controlling, whimsical, hoarding, weird grammatical choices… there is no room for improvement.

As validation that I am doing life extra right, the universe has sent me yet another giant piece of furniture that I do not need… practically for free.

Thanks, universe!

This antique card catalog is the latest of my AMAZING finds… You should SEE the list of things I’ve scored on Craigslist!!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

The Glitter Troll is disappointed.

After I hit publish on last week’s post, I had to go participate in real life.

By the time I got back here, I realized that what I thought was a post about the way you can get carried away on the internet in the middle of the night, could also be interpreted as: hooray! I ordered a glitter canon!

By the next morning, I was really panicking… I had so many comments speculating on the extravaganza I was sure to reveal— expecting the rebirth of Liberace and Louis XIV hopped up on speedballs of glitter and hot glue and way more trips to the craft store.

The logical thing would have been to jump right in and try to do damage control. But that is not how I operate… I cannot determine between crisis and normal everyday event. So I just respond to everything as if it’s a crisis, JUST INCASE.

And last Wednesday, the crisis was that I sent all those boxes back.
The only thing I kept was gold craft paint.

Write a holiday message that looks like gold leaf… glitter optional… I decorated the giant mirror (I scored on Craigslist!) but you can write on any glass surface.

last year’s mirror– writing with glitter…  diy-ing those pillow bows— how to waste an entire day.

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The problem with the Internet is that you can buy stuff in the middle of the night.

Last year’s Christmas decorating gave me a new hatred appreciation for the internet. The sheer volume of ideas, stuff, useless suggestions… all left me feeling not warm or fireside cozy. But instead made me agitated and scrambled.

I said that this year I was only going to do VERY SIMPLE holiday decorations… that I would not get sucked into the vortex of hauling out all the stored boxes of chaos… I was proud of my decision to embrace sanity over blog content. But then Paul was away for a few nights.

I never sleep well when he is gone, (everyone knows that is when the ax murderers get you). And late one night I got on Pinterest.

Our Victorian home decorated for Christmas… Take a holiday tour and see all my DIY Christmas decorating ideas!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.