Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

An original Victorian bar in historic Old City, Philadelphia.

I was in Old City this weekend, filming a movie.

It’s a noir thriller… A tale of intrigue and surprising revelations.
Written by me. Also, directed, by me. And (obviously) starring me.

In other words – I started my Halloween post. AND IT IS AWESOME.
(last year’s Halloween front porch)

I am single-handedly redefining the phrase – stupendous magnificence.
Not to mention the phrase – making a spectacle of myself.

Clearly, Sassafras, on 2nd street in Old City is the only suitable setting for my masterpiece.

Where to go in Old City, Philadelphia. Sassafras is a historic Victorian bar that has been in operation since 1870

website & menu – Sassafras ··· live music & event updates – Facebook

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

I am going nowhere but up… But first I need to lie here on the floor for a while.

I have to tell you that I was pretty crushed after my last post when not one single person said:

I messaged this dismay to Lara and she said—they think it’s normal for you.
Even she did not seem surprised.

You made it up to me though, because every single one of your comments were the greatest thing ever… not to mention your shared appreciation for all factions of men in uniform.

Some of you were even generous enough to offer to send the Navy SEALS… Either for variety? Or, (I suspect) because you want to keep the Marines for yourself.

So I’ve been waiting…  I’ve been sitting around in my night-vision goggles and flippers, and THEY HAVE NOT SHOWN UP.

Forcing me to conclude that either you were lying, or the SEALS are less-good with directions than one might expect.

The day I walked around Philadelphia holding a sign that said—READ MY BLOG—The story of how my blog got popular.

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Ripping out my soul for your entertainment… examining my first year of blogging.

Before my Craigslist–mirror went viral, I’d decided that it was sheer foolishness to have ever thought I would make a dent in the internet.

In fact, if I had any sense at all, I would have quit blogging around six months.

Six months is what separates the sensible people— who go back to their lives.
From the total lunatics— who decide to double down.

Somewhere here, I more than doubled down.

I pushed all my chips in.
I borrowed money from the mob.
I started snorting cocaine in the high-roller suites and set fire to the drapes.

Somewhere here I stopped feeling like a writer.
Or a doer of house projects.
Or a researcher of toilets.

I turned into a version of myself that I had never met– someone who would do WHATEVER IT TAKES. To get people to read my blog.

The word that comes to mind is hustler.

The story of how my blog got popular, the frustration beforehand, and how I got people to read my blog.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.