Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Finishing the attic. Part 1.

When we started this house, we began on the third floor.

I do not have one single photo of the attic that is a true “before” picture. Part of that is because this was my very first project, and I did not understand how quickly things would change.

Part of it is how I was still trying to find the coffee pot, and Paul was already ripping and gutting and tearing and throwing out of windows.

Part of it is how I did not understand that I needed to take a picture of the whole project.

When I did take pictures, I took them of the exact thing we were working on. A corner, a wall, a hole in the floor… I have 1,000 photos of walls being gutted, and not one where I stood back and took a picture of the entire room.

Beginning renovations to finish the attic in our old Victorian house.

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Vintage medical table.

A while ago on a Saturday morning, Paul and I were at an estate sale… In the basement was this vintage medical table.

I posted a photo on Facebook asking you to talk me out of it. (Which I knew you wouldn’t.) Half of you said—have you lost your mind?  You do NOT need a portable toilet.

But at least half of you thought I DID need the table.  And at $10, it was the sort of thing that if I didn’t get it, I’d have not-buyer’s remorse.

Vintage medical table from an estate sale. We stripped the paint and refinished it.

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Just like Casablanca… But with a better ending.

My whole life I have been full of random, useless ideas…  If just having ideas counted for anything, I would be the most productive person on the planet.

Before this blog, these ideas just lived in my head.
But now, I have YOU to foist them upon.

My Halloween date with Don Draper.

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