Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

A short video of my first auction experience.

Last month killed me… I am actually writing from beyond the grave.
(Such is my commitment to you.)

I might not even be here today, if it were not for the fact that I went to my first auction, (apparently even in death, I cannot pass up the possibility of a good find) and I wanted to submit a brief report.

Brief report:
Auctions are an endurance sport of having your nerves shredded.

A short video of my first auction experience, and the antique Victorian sofa I won!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Salvaged marble I have looked at for possible DIY kitchen countertops/altar/personal empire.

Most of the marble at the salvage yard that is large enough for kitchen counters or an island is reclaimed from bathroom walls… Public bathroom walls.

Is this repulsive? It is.
Could I somehow block that out of my mind and prepare food on it? Yes. I could.

This makes no sense to Paul, seeing as how I will not let people wear their shoes in our house.

A trip to the salvage yard – considering antique marble for our DIY kitchen remodel.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

I bet you thought I was kidding about DIY-mining my own marble countertops.

Paul was away for work early in spring. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I worry about two things:
1. previously-discussed proliferation of ax murderers outside the house.
2. that something really good will show up on Craigslist and my retrieval team will be unavailable.

Which is exactly what happened.

Planning our DIY kitchen remodel – these antique marble slabs will make gorgeous countertops!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.