Beginning our DIY kitchen remodel— gutting the bathroom… *VIDEO*

The strangest thing about writing a blog on the internet is feeling like you owe total strangers an explanation for your life… then, after the explanation, some of these strangers will be aggrieved by your choices.

This is going to be one of those times.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Whim of iron.

Paul and I had an appointment to go tweak our kitchen design over the weekend.

I was excited!
Or… I thought I was.

About an hour before we were supposed to go, Self slammed on the brakes. Wrenching the wheel to the left, she steered the car directly over the edge of the cliff.

I said – wait, Self!
What is happening?
Why are we driving off the cliff?
Why are we plummeting to a fiery wreck?
Why don’t we just go and order cabinets?

And Self was like– no one knows!! Death before commitment!!!

Planning our DIY kitchen remodel— I love the idea of using salvaged or repurposed materials to complement our old-house.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Planning our DIY kitchen remodel— tentative layout and design.

The kitchen is the only room in the house that has not dictated its own layout.

Even the bathrooms, which seemed to have no end to the decision-making, really only had three items that needed to be triangulated.

And even though the tile search drove me insane, I was not trying to redefine the CONCEPT of tile… I was willing to accept the theory behind a water-resistant material applied to the floor in a semi-permanent manner.

But with the kitchen, I wanted to redefine EVERYTHING… it became a grueling slog through ideas that went nowhere, Craigslist purchases that were misguided, and my fantasy of Newport-Gilded-Age-Butler’s-Pantry-of-Fanciness-That-Only-Cost-Five-Dollars.

Getting the piano as our island finally helped eliminate some options and we are planning traditional cabinets around the perimeter of the room.

We are going to combine traditional kitchen cabinets with an antique/repurposed kitchen island for our old house's DIY kitchen remodel.

***none of the perspectives are entirely how I want them… but they give you the overall idea.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.