Trash night is the best night: vintage dining room set.

Finding things is cyclical. Sometimes you find ALL of the things… And that is what is happening right now.

Or, alternately, I am entering a manic hoarding phase.

Either way, there are things I NEED TO GET.
Many things.

But there is a problem: these things require money. And I have agreed to a deeply restrictive and misguided budget where overages are required to be submitted for approval, prior to release of funds.

Vintage dining room set we scored on trash night!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Kitchen design, option 2: repurposed cabinetry.

Preface: some posts resist being edited into anything concise/coherent/not containing 57,000 ideas… This is one of them.

I love the idea of having a full wall dedicated to just storage in the form of antique, floor-to-ceiling, glass front, wardrobe-ish, built-in library, butler’s pantry, bookcase-ish cabinetry.

The best location for such a shrine to awesomeness would be on what is now the sink wall.

Try not to be distracted by my superb photoshop skills.

Planning our DIY kitchen remodel… I love the idea of using salvaged or repurposed materials in place of traditional kitchen cabinets.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.