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10 year anniversary — our wedding day in a 2min video.

When I am incredibly busy and stressed, I like to compound it all by beginning extensive projects other than that which I am supposed to be working on.

I award myself extra points if they are unnecessary, irrelevant, and totally unimportant to anyone but me.

And because I am compulsive, I MUST START THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Hotel duPont, wedding recap

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Auctions– because you can never have too many giant, antique, fancy pieces of junk.

After The Kingdom Mirror went viral, Paul said things like – are you going to leave me for some guy who loves antiques that you meet on the internet?

I said – of course not. Unless he loves cats. Then, maybe.

This was because I’d gotten some emails in the vein of: you are an amazing, glorious, goddess of perfection and giant fancy things, whom I worship and would acquire mirrors for all day long.

And I sort of thought– gosh. Wow. I DO love Paul… but maybe I would love someone else even more? Someone who WANTS to do mirror-retrieval? I mean, for all I know Jon Hamm really likes antiques. And cats.

So I started to wonder – have I inadvertently limited my life’s work by tethering myself to Paul? By choosing someone who is capable of mirror-retrieval, but not enthusiastic for it?

Have I made a terrible mistake?

At some point I started collecting giant, fancy antique mirrors – mantel mirrors, pier mirrors… doesn’t matter as long as they are ornate (and cheap!) See my latest auction-treasure!

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The auction/ sofa report. Part II.

Last week was the first time in my blog’s history that I did not write a post that was WAY longer than anyone wanted to read. I even managed to leave out what I paid for the sofa I bought at my first auction– $200.

That was exactly my top bid. (Actually, a little over once you factor in 10% buyer’s premium and tax.) The other guy stopped bidding, so I cannot say for sure if I would have stuck to my price or if I would have merrily plowed past it.

I started writing up some thoughts on auction-prices in general, and how they compare to Craigslist. But then I decided that I should probably go to more than one auction before proclaiming myself accredited.

Fortunately, this should take NO TIME AT ALL, seeing as how I plan to do nothing else.

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