Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Christmas decorating… Part one.

Christmas is to bloggers, what tax season is to accountants.

Except with whimsy, and extravagance, and the need to not do anything anyone else is doing, and with the requirement to have 57,000 ideas that people will want to make and pin and share.

Ideas that will make people envy your home, your creativity, and your general existence on this planet… An existence that has somehow allotted you the free time to create your remarkable home, with your extraordinary creativity, with ease and joy and merriment and not wanting to stab yourself.

Decorating our Victorian home for Christmas... I made the huge snowflakes, you can too!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Christmas decorating war zone.

Christmas mess reached critical mass sometime around Sunday afternoon.

The kind of decorating war zone where you cannot even walk around because every square inch of floor is covered with random crap.

At some point, the ironing board, the sewing machine, the vacuum, a stepstool, the sled, a massive box of garland, and 20 Mason jars were strewn about the dining room.

And that does not even count the boxes of actual Christmas decorations.

Decorating our old Victorian home for Christmas… I go overboard with bows and glitter.

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Trash night is the best night.

I am sure that you were expecting a post about the attic this week… But as usual, I am unable to meet anyone’s expectations.

Paul was away for work last week.  A rare occurrence that affords me the opportunity to eat peanut butter for dinner and contemplate the prevalence of ax murderers.

Have you noticed how there are at least 12 times more ax murderers outside your house when your husband is away?

Before Paul left, he said – please do not put anything in the garage while I am gone.
So. Now all these pots are sitting in our driveway.

Trash night is the best night… Finding antiques in other people's garbage

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.