Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

A video tutorial for making soil blocks – how to start seeds indoors.

Starting your seeds indoors is effort on the front end, but the benefits are worth it – your plants get a headstart on the season and your germination/growth rate will be better/faster because you can provide ideal conditions.

I use a system of soil blocks, plastic trays, heat mats, and overhead lighting… most of this is self-explanatory with the exception of the soil blocker– it’s a hand-held tool that makes nifty little soil containers for your seeds.

With soil blocks you do NOT need pots or anything else. When you are ready to plant your seedlings, they go right in the ground.

How to start seeds indoors, a video tutorial for making soil blocks. I’ve tried EVERY method, this is the BEST.

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Another bed video & random thoughts.

I wanted to include this video in last week’s post, but I needed to switch video-hosts (my free trial had expired and the service was too expensive,) and I waited until the last minute, and then ran into tech difficulties… No surprise.

Anyway. After I posted the first bed-video, the dominant response was:
A – your husband is a saint.
B – how sweet that he secured you to the roof.

And I would like to say:
A – oh really?
B – before you canonize him, you need to see the unedited clip.

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Putting the bed together.

If you missed: bed part 1,2,3

After we hauled the headboard up to the roof and through the window, we got to work on a base for the mattress… Our mattress is one of those tempurpedic memory foam things, and they are supposed to sit on a solid platform, not a traditional box spring.

You can buy a platform to match the mattress, but it’s essentially plywood covered with fabric, so we just made our own.  (Aside from being less expensive, our old house’s stairwell was even tighter than this one; assembling the platform in the bedroom was the only way to get it upstairs.) So we already had the components to build/retrofit a frame that would accommodate the bed.

On a side note, if you have an old house/narrow stairwell, the memory foam mattresses are far easier to get upstairs. They are flexible and sort of smushy… Which is going to come in handy here shortly.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.