It’s been a while since something was too big for the stairwell and had to go up to the roof… *VIDEO*

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After the kitchen-bookcase-misappropriation, I excommunicated Self; denying her Craigslist access and banning her from a position of power.

I said – Self, that was the last straw. You can no longer be trusted… as punishment, we are NEVER buying anything ever again.

Self whispered – I think we should buy something else RIGHT NOW.


Self said – or, we could drive directly to the bank and take out all of the money… have you considered that option? Then we can get this mirror.

** YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO** I’m decorating our old Victorian house via CRAIGSLIST… my latest find was too large to fit up our old-house stairwell, so my husband built a RAMP TO THE ROOF and we put it through the bedroom window.

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Apron-front, farmhouse sink options… and why I decided AGAINST FIRECLAY.

I thought there was one kitchen decision that was finished… But then I remembered that if you think something is not a problem, it is most likely because you have not yet determined the extent to which it is actually a huge problem.

This is what I want in a sink:
single bowl.
apron front.
offset drain.

I had originally wanted the 36” Rohl Shaw farmhouse sink… the larger size is visually appealing to me. But I’ve scaled back to the 30” sink because I’m not planning to bathe in the kitchen, and we don’t have a huge amount of space.

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Beginning our DIY kitchen remodel— gutting the bathroom… *VIDEO*

The strangest thing about writing a blog on the internet is feeling like you owe total strangers an explanation for your life… then, after the explanation, some of these strangers will be aggrieved by your choices.

This is going to be one of those times.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.