Giant Fancy Things… cheaper than therapy.

I had told Paul that the weekend after New Year’s would be dedicated to GETTING ORGANIZED… I do this periodically: announce that THIS will be the weekend I get my life under control.

As with all my life-control projects, I was gangbusters at first.

I began a frenzy of organizational malice and misdirection— creating a disaster of the one thing that was arguably fine in this house, while also treating Elvis to one of her favorite activities: exploring places previously not available to her.

I’m decorating our old Victorian house via CRAIGSLIST… I particularly love antique bookcases— the bigger, the fancier, the better! Come take a tour and see all the Giant Fancy Things I’ve salvaged!

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Let’s end the year with some rusty auction fanciness!

A while ago, I wrote a post titled The Auction Olympics; about a day I drove back-and-forth between two separate auction houses, each running multiple auctions, all with totally unpredictable and variable timetables.

Since then, I have embraced the absentee bid.

Not only did my ten-hour bidding-marathon eradicate the thrill-of-the-unknown-with-a-whiff-of-danger-in-the-form-of-possible-bankruptcy-and-divorce, it also forced me to acknowledge that I am someone who cannot be trusted in an adrenaline-fueled state.

Scored these antique urns at auction! Brought them inside to decorate our Victorian home for Christmas… take a holiday tour and see all my decorating ideas!

my garland (similar here) makes me fear that next is wood-slice crafts

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Kitchen renovation progress: prepping for new hardwood, gutting addition. *video*

What we’ve finished since the last kitchen remodel progress report:

– sheet rock the ceiling in the addition (no more beadboard).
– sheet rock the wall where we removed the bathroom.
– paint back doors— inside white/outside color.
– install recessed lighting in addition.
– figure out window configuration.
– order windows.
– take up flooring in addition.
– gut the back wall.

What’s next:

– find backdoor hardware… Paul thinks this is too much… I think it is the right amount of much.
– paint everything else– no more orange!!!!
– make decisions about kitchen layout/cabinets.
– find piano drawer hardware.
– scrounge up matching molding for new windows.
– install windows on back wall of addition.
– plan to have new hardwood installed.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.