Let’s end the year with some rusty auction fanciness!

A while ago, I wrote a post titled The Auction Olympics; about a day I drove back-and-forth between two separate auction houses, each running multiple auctions, all with totally unpredictable and variable timetables. Since then, I have embraced the absentee bid. Not only did my ten-hour bidding-marathon eradicate the thrill-of-the-unknown-with-a-whiff-of-danger-in-the-form-of-possible-bankruptcy-and-divorce, it also forced me to(…)

Kitchen renovation progress: prepping for new hardwood, gutting addition. *video*

Kitchen renovation progress: prepping for new hardwood, gutting addition. *video*

What we’ve finished since the last kitchen remodel progress report: – sheet rock the ceiling in the addition (no more beadboard). – sheet rock the wall where we removed the bathroom. – paint back doors— inside white/outside color. – install recessed lighting in addition. – figure out window configuration. – order windows. – take up(…)

Here! Have some more kitchen inspiration: repurposed/antique kitchen cabinets.

I spent the weekend failing to get a handle on life… instead, I took a trip to Fabric Row; beginning the rapid decent into rhinestones, parking tickets, and indecision-induced-paralysis: where I got a glimpse of my project as madness, but plowed forward anyway because the other option was sanity… which goes directly against my principles. Then(…)