PERSEVERANCE: the courage to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back.

Something is happening in my life that could mean one of two things:

1. My craziness is escalating.
2. Elvis’s impending demise is driving me to seek excessively larger and more mentally-absorbing GFT’s* to experience a feeling other than panic and despair. (*Giant Fancy Thing)

Either way, I have found something. And I cannot unfind it. And I cannot think about anything else. And I am short many thousands of dollars.

Up until last weekend, Paul tried to overlook this new development… but eventually he ran into a problem: trying to live in blind ignorance vs the impossibility of disregarding that I am selling all of our belongings.

We are DIY-ing a falling-down Victorian house, one room at a time… and the BEST part is the decorating! Craigslist is my greatest source for all kinds of antiques, amazing decor and salvaged finds!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Elvis update.

We stopped Elvis’s chemo treatment back in November… Paul said it was time.

The effects of the chemo had become compounded; it took longer for her to recover every time and I found myself in an uncomfortable place where I was doing math to gauge the quality of her life: # bad days + # ok days + # good days = time to go back for more chemo.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Giant Fancy Things… cheaper than therapy.

I had told Paul that the weekend after New Year’s would be dedicated to GETTING ORGANIZED… I do this periodically: announce that THIS will be the weekend I get my life under control.

As with all my life-control projects, I was gangbusters at first.

I began a frenzy of organizational malice and misdirection— creating a disaster of the one thing that was arguably fine in this house, while also treating Elvis to one of her favorite activities: exploring places previously not available to her.

I’m decorating our old Victorian house via CRAIGSLIST… I particularly love antique bookcases— the bigger, the fancier, the better! Come take a tour and see all the Giant Fancy Things I’ve salvaged!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.