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For the entire life of my blog, I have struggled to post once a week… my anxiety about hitting publish on anything less than rocket science is severe.

But I have to let this anxiety go because THIS IS NOT THE NEW YORKER.
If you were confused, feel free to excuse yourself.

Today I am going to air out some random facets of my brain… If this sounds boring, go read my post about repurposed kitchen island inspiration, or Pilar Guzman’s kitchen… OR go tour this restored Philadelphia mansion.

Tour a restored Philadelphia mansion!

a derelict 19th-century house that was the despair of the neighborhood… photo tour here, another article here

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

The Bare Necessities.

I am aware that I am a person whose inner Self appears to skew towards frivolous lunatic… Today’s post will do nothing to alter that perception.

Sometimes people wonder how Paul does not find this deeply aggravating, but that is the miracle of Self’s existence: Self is not contingent on anyone’s approval.

Also, Self would like to remind everyone: you cannot relax your vigilance in training your nearest and dearest to always expect the worst.

antique tall glass door empire bookcaseUsing salvaged and repurposed materials for the kitchen remodel in our old Victorian house! This antique glass front bookcase is going to double as cabinetry and a pantry! See the entire kitchen project… we are repurposing some really beautiful furniture!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Wait… WHERE is the sofa?

Paul was out Saturday morning… but when he got home, it didn’t take him very long to say— wait… where is the sofa?

And I was like— I sold it! I told you: I AM SELLING EVERYTHING.

He said— yes… but… where will people sit?


We are DIY-ing a falling-down Victorian house, one room at a time… and the BEST part is the decorating! Craigslist is my greatest source for all kinds of antiques, amazing decor and salvaged finds!

here’s the post about salvaging that wardrobe… those candelabras are only up there temporarily. they used to sit on the fretwork bookcase.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.