DIY medicine cabinet… we designed and built a mirrored storage cabinet for our old-house bathroom remodel.

Paul had already built the interior of the medicine cabinet and hung the door. While we were waiting to get the large mirror for the right hand wall, he built a small ledge to support it.

You can see how we decided where the sconces should go.  It looks very specific and technical with all the numbers and elaborate-diagrams… but really was just Paul holding up the lamps while I said—higher, lower, to the right, no, more, less, up, down, left, across…

The sconces will be installed through the glass.  The mirror store cut out the openings for us, and we picked it up and installed it ourselves.  We managed to bring the mirror home, get it in the house, and attach it to the wall without breaking it, chipping it, or scratching it.  Kind of a miracle, seeing as how it’s over four feet tall.

It looked rough and generic, until the crown molding went up.

Today’s lesson:  everything is better with crown molding.

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