Worth Reading – The Big House.

I only buy books that I’ve already read and loved… I will linger months and months on the library’s waiting list because it irritates me to buy something and be disappointed.

Except at the library booksale—where for a dollar, you might discover something wonderful: The Big House: A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home.

If you have an interest in American architecture, Gilded Age history, or memoirs, you should read The Big House.  I loved it.

(Although it left me deeply irritated that my great-grandfather didn’t have the foresight to build a summer mansion in Cape Cod.)

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Prada Marfa

Prada Marfa.

Art Production Fund and Ballroom Marfa present PRADA MARFA, a site specific, permanent land art project by artists Elmgreen & Dragset. Modeled after a Prada boutique, the structure includes luxury goods from the fall 2005 collection. However, the sculpture will never function as a place of commerce, the door cannot be opened. The building is located one mile west of Valentine, TX. (Via Ballroom Marfa- link now broken)

Made of biodegradable adobe, the structure is intended to decompose back into the landscape.  If the artists were thinking this would be a topic for deep and meaningful conversation, they might have been surprised when shortly after “opening,” the store was vandalized.