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Random Stuff About Victoria

I am too sad to write a post.

We spent last weekend at Penn State… My youngest brother graduated and then drove off to St. Louis, where he will either get a job, apply to medical school, or become homeless… depending on the degree to which it turns out he is able to function independently of my mother reminding/ hounding/haranguing/monitoring/and acting as secretary, war general, and private chef.

For 23 years, Matthew has been at my parents’ house nearly every time I’ve been there. Even when he went away to college, he was home for random weekends, school breaks, and holidays. My entire definition of family requires that Matthew live at home with my parents… For the rest of his life.

But instead of accommodating me, Matthew got in his car with his girlfriend Alex, and moved across the country.

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10 year anniversary — our wedding day in a 2min video.

When I am incredibly busy and stressed, I like to compound it all by beginning extensive projects other than that which I am supposed to be working on.

I award myself extra points if they are unnecessary, irrelevant, and totally unimportant to anyone but me.

And because I am compulsive, I MUST START THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Hotel duPont, wedding recap

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Random February Post.

Last week was stressful, kind of blurry, and made me wish I was a shire hobbit — no contact with the outside world, plenty of time to loom my own homespun linen, cheerful disposition, abundant moss for decorating projects.

I should have dealt with everything by being proactive and organized, but instead I spent all my free time making a sparkly-unicorn-collage representing my family.
It was surprisingly time-consuming.

But also incredibly important because when things are chaotic, I cope by expending huge amounts of energy to ignore whatever is on fire… It is a subcategory of my ability to avoid doing anything of actual value with my life.

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