Random Stuff About Victoria

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For the entire life of my blog, I have struggled to post once a week… my anxiety about hitting publish on anything less than rocket science is severe.

But I have to let this anxiety go because THIS IS NOT THE NEW YORKER.
If you were confused, feel free to excuse yourself.

Today I am going to air out some random facets of my brain… If this sounds boring, go read my post about repurposed kitchen island inspiration, or Pilar Guzman’s kitchen… OR go tour this restored Philadelphia mansion.

Tour a restored Philadelphia mansion!

a derelict 19th-century house that was the despair of the neighborhood… photo tour here, another article here

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Elvis update.

We stopped Elvis’s chemo treatment back in November… Paul said it was time.

The effects of the chemo had become compounded; it took longer for her to recover every time and I found myself in an uncomfortable place where I was doing math to gauge the quality of her life: # bad days + # ok days + # good days = time to go back for more chemo.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.