Our Story

10 year anniversary — our wedding day in a 2min video.

When I am incredibly busy and stressed, I like to compound it all by beginning extensive projects other than that which I am supposed to be working on.

I award myself extra points if they are unnecessary, irrelevant, and totally unimportant to anyone but me.

And because I am compulsive, I MUST START THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Hotel duPont, wedding recap

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Video of the first floor & Paul doing standup.

Normally I decline sponsored-content… Not because we do not need the money, but because we do not need free cereal, the prestige inherent in writing 3,000 words about miniblinds, or the glory related to being a spokesperson for lightbulbs.

But Trulia’s theme fits: the moment when you realize you are now responsible for ALL of the projects. Plus, I use their site to stalk the mansion for sale around the corner that I think we should buy, and Paul thinks no one should buy… so if I do enough sponsored posts, maybe I can save up by the year 5014.

I was supposed to choose one of six universal homebuying moments and use the accompanying image… (I was tempted to cross out 103 and replace it with 87,000. But I wasn’t sure about the etiquette of defiling other people’s work; not to mention it was literally their only requirement for what I put in this post, so it seemed less than gracious to correct them.)

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Nine years of wedded bliss… AND a video.

Paul and I are on vacation this week… We’re celebrating nine years of being married.

Nine years of being amazed at how lucky I got.
Nine years of wondering if he listens to a word I say.
Nine years of Paul failing to appreciate my talent for micromanagement.

Nine years of me having 1,237,894% more to say about any given topic than Paul is actually interested in hearing.

Dancing at our wedding reception... at the Hotel DuPont, Gold ballroom—gorgeous wedding venue. Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.