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A Christmas Decorating Miracle

There is no end to my creativity when the other option is doing actual work.

For example, if I were to say to myself – Self, you should write the Great American Novel or get your PhD in quantum physics.

Self would say – that sounds boring. And hard. Also, I do not know what quantum physics is.

And I would say – I know, but it is important to do hard, boring things. So that at the end of your life you are not sad that you squandered the opportunity to accomplish them.

To which Self would say – the world already has Jonathan Franzen and Stephen Hawking… what it needs you to do is figure out how to write on The Kingdom Mirror with glitter.

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Just like Casablanca… But with a better ending.

My whole life I have been full of random, useless ideas…  If just having ideas counted for anything, I would be the most productive person on the planet.

Before this blog, these ideas just lived in my head.
But now, I have YOU to foist them upon.

My Halloween date with Don Draper.

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Ripping out my soul for your entertainment… examining my first year of blogging.

Before my Craigslist–mirror went viral, I’d decided that it was sheer foolishness to have ever thought I would make a dent in the internet.

In fact, if I had any sense at all, I would have quit blogging around six months.

Six months is what separates the sensible people— who go back to their lives.
From the total lunatics— who decide to double down.

Somewhere here, I more than doubled down.

I pushed all my chips in.
I borrowed money from the mob.
I started snorting cocaine in the high-roller suites and set fire to the drapes.

Somewhere here I stopped feeling like a writer.
Or a doer of house projects.
Or a researcher of toilets.

I turned into a version of myself that I had never met– someone who would do WHATEVER IT TAKES. To get people to read my blog.

The word that comes to mind is hustler.

The story of how my blog got popular, the frustration beforehand, and how I got people to read my blog.

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