Kitchen renovation progress: prepping for new hardwood, gutting addition. *video*

What we’ve finished since the last kitchen remodel progress report:

– sheet rock the ceiling in the addition (no more beadboard).
– sheet rock the wall where we removed the bathroom.
– paint back doors— inside white/outside color.
– install recessed lighting in addition.
– figure out window configuration.
– order windows.
– take up flooring in addition.
– gut the back wall.

What’s next:

– find backdoor hardware… Paul thinks this is too much… I think it is the right amount of much.
– paint everything else– no more orange!!!!
– make decisions about kitchen layout/cabinets.
– find piano drawer hardware.
– scrounge up matching molding for new windows.
– install windows on back wall of addition.
– plan to have new hardwood installed.

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Here! Have some more kitchen inspiration: repurposed/antique kitchen cabinets.

I spent the weekend failing to get a handle on life… instead, I took a trip to Fabric Row; beginning the rapid decent into rhinestones, parking tickets, and indecision-induced-paralysis: where I got a glimpse of my project as madness, but plowed forward anyway because the other option was sanity… which goes directly against my principles.

Then I had to scour the internet for the imaginary pattern that lives in my head… then I got distracted by this faucet which is small but fascinatingly practical but maybe too industrial? Then I started looking at faucets. Then I found this kitchen.

It is my second favorite kitchen ever… Pilar Guzman’s is still my first, but only by a small margin.

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DIY kitchen remodel — antique mirror over kitchen sink.

Originally I thought we would end up with something similar to one of these options over the kitchen sink.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a solution that I LOVED, that was also practical and kitchen-y… because sometimes I forget the natural order of things and I try to be reasonable.

Once I let go of what I “should” do over the kitchen sink, and embraced what I would LOVE, the solution became obvious: MORE GIANT FANCY THINGS FOR EVERYONE.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.