The Bare Necessities.

I am aware that I am a person whose inner Self appears to skew towards frivolous lunatic… Today’s post will do nothing to alter that perception.

Sometimes people wonder how Paul does not find this deeply aggravating, but that is the miracle of Self’s existence: Self is not contingent on anyone’s approval.

Also, Self would like to remind everyone: you cannot relax your vigilance in training your nearest and dearest to always expect the worst.

antique tall glass door empire bookcaseUsing salvaged and repurposed materials for the kitchen remodel in our old Victorian house! This antique glass front bookcase is going to double as cabinetry and a pantry! See the entire kitchen project… we are repurposing some really beautiful furniture!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Kitchen renovation progress: prepping for new hardwood, gutting addition. *video*

What we’ve finished since the last kitchen remodel progress report:

– sheet rock the ceiling in the addition (no more beadboard).
– sheet rock the wall where we removed the bathroom.
– paint back doors— inside white/outside color.
– install recessed lighting in addition.
– figure out window configuration.
– order windows.
– take up flooring in addition.
– gut the back wall.

What’s next:

– find backdoor hardware… Paul thinks this is too much… I think it is the right amount of much.
– paint everything else– no more orange!!!!
– make decisions about kitchen layout/cabinets.
– find piano drawer hardware.
– scrounge up matching molding for new windows.
– install windows on back wall of addition.
– plan to have new hardwood installed.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Here! Have some more kitchen inspiration: repurposed/antique kitchen cabinets.

I spent the weekend failing to get a handle on life… instead, I took a trip to Fabric Row; beginning the rapid decent into rhinestones, parking tickets, and indecision-induced-paralysis: where I got a glimpse of my project as madness, but plowed forward anyway because the other option was sanity… which goes directly against my principles.

Then I had to scour the internet for the imaginary pattern that lives in my head… then I got distracted by this faucet which is small but fascinatingly practical but maybe too industrial? Then I started looking at faucets. Then I found this kitchen.

It is my second favorite kitchen ever… Pilar Guzman’s is still my first, but only by a small margin.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.