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An update of vital unimportance.

If you emailed me or sent me kitchen ideas in the last two weeks, I was having a crisis.  And then the original crisis was totally eclipsed by a second… and now stuff has piled up to the point where everything is unmanageable.  I may never dig out.

I sort of wanted to explain the crisis, but decided I couldn’t face the extensive typing it would require.

That’s one of the many problems with having a crisis AND a blog: the blog requires that you write everything down, and edit it, and find accompanying images, and compress them, and upload them, and think of a catchy title, and hope people share it on Facebook…  and make sure your crisis is entertaining.

But the crisis makes you want to sit on the couch and watch Say Yes to the Dress. Which I’ve JUST discovered and am angry that no one told me about it before now.

It’s something that should fill me with scorn. But instead is so soothing that I want to watch it for hours until my brain melts out my ears.

Vintage kitchen and repurposed range in the Dynasty mansion.

The kitchen from Dynasty—I am getting out my shoulder pads and hairspray.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Kitchen inspiration- vintage industrial design.

For the record, I thought I was really going to enjoy doing kitchen-inspiration posts.

I thought they would be fun. And EASY.
But I take that back…

I take back my secret, smug belief that if I wrote a blog where I just curated beautiful images of houses and interior design it would be mindlessly simple.

I apologize to all design bloggers everywhere– I’m sorry for my self-righteousness… it has never once been validated, but I keep trying anyway.

EXCEPT you bloggers whose sites take SO long to load… that in the time I wait, I could drive to your house and tell you how annoying it is that I have 782 tabs open, and YOURS is the one that crashes it all.

Anyway.  Kitchen.

Last week’s kitchen inspiration prompted a lot of you to point out that my overwhelming theme is white.  And that IS true.  I do really like that look…  or some two-tone contrasting-island version of it.

But I equally like the total opposite.
In fact, it’s possible I like this more.

Planning a repurposed kitchen… Vintage industrial designs and inspiration.

Love the steel cabinets, repurposed island, marble counter.  I found this house when I was doing one of my first bath inspiration posts… and the bathroom is EVEN BETTER (scroll down to the bottom)

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Kitchen Design Inspiration… The ninth ring of hell.

This weekend, I commenced my favorite coping skill: avoidance.
I like to call it research.

Since I have absolutely no idea what to do about our kitchen layout. Or the crazy addition. Or the massive pile of brick crouching outside our back door… I started back up with the inspiration photos.

By Sunday afternoon, I had been flattened by the avalanche of irritation that comes from mindless hours at the computer.

My hair had turned white and I was sending death threats to Christopher Peacock.
That man is ruining my life and must be stopped.

Planning our DIY old-house kitchen remodel… a collection of kitchen inspiration and design details.

Classic kitchen by Christopher Peacock

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.