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Holiday gift guide— AND a giant fancy giveaway.

I hate getting presents.
It’s an extension of my fundamental hatred of surprises.

And if I want to extrapolate that to a deeper level of self-analysis: my hatred of surprises is actually a hatred of other people’s expectations.

I hate all surprises. At all times. From all people.
Unless you are giving me a kitten.

In which case, thank you. But I cannot accept it… I can only accept gifts of stray, elderly cats with medical issues.

However, since now is the time of year when we are socially obligated to participate in joyful gift-giving, and I am obligated by blogger code to speak of nothing but the holidays and how I graciously bring warmth and elegancy (not a word? Think again.) to every element… I decided to do a gift guide.

(If you’re only here for the shiny giveaway, you’d better just go ahead and scroll already.)

vintage christmas ads

a scale? let me know how that works out for you…  Ladies Home Journal, 1955 Colt ad, Joelle Jones

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

When you assume your husband can help you sew DIY Christmas bows.

My original idea for how to make this bow was a simple piece of red ribbon… Perhaps you’ve heard of it?  Ribbon? A product that you can buy at the store that you do not need to craft in your workshop of craftiness?

But since I’m me, I decided to make my own! So I could give the bow contrasting red stripes! Fun! Like a Christmas tuxedo!  And it’s harder this way!

If something will take me 57 times longer, but be 1% nicer, I am all for it.

Besides, why do something quickly that you can actually finish, if you have the option of getting involved in a project that will spiral out of control?

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.