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Meet Victoria

Charming wife, sometimes shrew. Cat mother, book lover. General contractor, dictator. Loather of noise. Hater of disruption. Gardener, bookcase fetishist. Adorer of the oversized and ornate. Obsessive-compulsive procrastinator. Lover of fashion—wearer of pajama pants. Coveter of architectural salvage. Hoarder of priceless junk.

A blog about renovating and restoring our old Victorian house

Meet Paul

Magician, storyteller, fixer of all things broken. Project engineer, mover of walls, slayer of lath. MadMan, Fred Astaire, voice of reason. Performer of comic skits. One-man demolition crew. Fetcher of giant, unwieldy, Craigslist treasures I cannot live without.

A blog about a husband and wife renovating an old Victorian house

Meet Elvis

Swing vote, lap cat. Leader of the revolution.

A blog about a husband and wife restoring an old house

Bathroom details, Kitchen ideas, Materials, Frustration, Construction…


  1. Kess Eldridge
    August 9, 2017 @ 11:22 pm

    Saw this photo essay and thought of you. The gorgeous, abandoned pieces in here make ME want to cry and I am not as adept at you.



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