My favorite flowers for a cutting garden.

Since I did my favorite shade plants in last week’s post…  I’ll continue the garden theme and do my favorite sun-loving flowers for cutting.

My requirements are: low maintenance, long vase life, blooms all summer…
And?  Repeat after me:  BIG.

Big, bold, colorful, and easy… (my one exception to that would be Lisianthus.)  I’m so over anything that needs more than mulch, water, and a stake.

These are dahlia (see my favorite dahlias here), Benary giant zinnia, sunflowers, and blackeyed susan.

My favorite flowers for a cutting garden!  Easy to start, blooms all season long, great for cutting and filling your garden with color! Dahlia, zinnia, sunflower, daisy, and other hardy, low-maintenance plants with LOTS of flowers.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

My favorite shade plants: flowering, easy-care perennials.

Before I had a blog, I had a garden.

I used to do things like go to Master Gardener lectures.
About plant pathology.
And conifer identification.
And intro to entomology.

For fun!!  (But also because I paid absolutely no attention in eighth-grade science.)

So this is a departure from anything house-renovation related, but the shade garden is just coming into bloom, and I really can’t pass up the opportunity to impress you with my horticultural photography.

Here are my favorite shade-garden perennials! (don’t miss my favorite sun-loving flower for cutting.)

Best shade-loving plants!  Flowering shade perennials, come back year after year, and are maintenance free!!

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.