My favorite flowers for a cutting garden.

Since I did my favorite shade plants in last week’s post…  I’ll continue the garden theme and do my favorite sun-loving flowers for cutting. My requirements are: low maintenance, long vase life, blooms all summer… And?  Repeat after me:  BIG. Big, bold, colorful, and easy… (my one exception to that would be Lisianthus.)  I’m so over anything that needs more(…)

My favorite shade plants: flowering, easy-care perennials.

Before I had a blog, I had a garden. I used to do things like go to Master Gardener lectures. About plant pathology. And conifer identification. And intro to entomology. For fun!!  (But also because I paid absolutely no attention in eighth-grade science.) So this is a departure from anything house-renovation related, but the shade garden is just coming(…)

My paramour. My inamorata. My one true love: Craigslist.

People say Craigslist is full of crap. And?  It is. It’s totally full of junk and overpriced oak hutches from 1980. However?  Craigslist is also the source of all awesomeness.  The hutches are just there to scare off the non-believers… To test your faith and weed out the heretics. Craigslist is like an estate sale,(…)