One year of blogging – Tech tips, advice… things I did horribly wrong, Part 1.

In mid-April, I will have been blogging for an entire year… An entire year of staring at my computer and thinking of YOU. My readers. You strangers… Everyday, all the time… thinking how I can entertain you. Thinking of how I can make sure you NEVER LEAVE ME. And?  Frankly? That’s been pretty exhausting. I(…)

Meet our kitchen… the previous owner’s DIY masterpiece.

The kitchen design is our next project… a challenge in any old house. I’m not talking about the construction, the remodeling, or the cabinet installation.  Yet. Just the design. It’s going to be Kitchen Week here for a while.  Like Fashion Week in NYC.  But with more hysteria, drugs, and nervous breakdowns. Also, we can(…)