One year of blogging – Tech tips, advice… things I did horribly wrong, Part 1.

In mid-April, I will have been blogging for an entire year…

An entire year of staring at my computer and thinking of YOU.
My readers.
You strangers…

Everyday, all the time… thinking how I can entertain you.
Thinking of how I can make sure you NEVER LEAVE ME.

And?  Frankly?
That’s been pretty exhausting.

I had planned for the one-year mark to be the point at which I could STOP thinking about you… And instead, think about the fact that now I was famous.

Tips for bloggers, how to improve your blog.

Yet another plan, gone awry.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

Kitchen and Addition — layout and footprint.

Because I said mean things about our current kitchen design, I inadvertently gave you the idea that I am against reclaimed, or do-it-yourself cabinets and islands…

But I’m not…  I’m only against OTHER people’s hack jobs that they think are beautiful.
My own ideas for re-using stuff are totally awesome.

And?  Paul and I DID talk about keeping this kitchen.

We considered just painting the cabinets.  And making some kind of magical improvement to the island… it would be FAR cheaper.  Not to mention faster. 

However, it won’t change the limited storage.  Or the weird layout.  And Paul feels very strongly that we made the rest of the house nice… to leave the kitchen, as a crap facsimile of a well-designed workspace… is just wrong.

Plus, if we’re going to have a “creative” kitchen, then I want my own version.
My OWN crazy ideas… not someone else’s.

And?  I have LOTS of good ideas.
Paul hates all of them.

Anyway, before I can tell you all my questionably-good ideas, you have to see what my options are.

Designing our old-house kitchen layout..

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.

The Addition — meet our kitchen, Part 2

Incase you missed Part 1, where I introduced the kitchen.

We have a small addition off the kitchen.  It’s the same width as the kitchen itself, so in some ways it’s an extension of the room…  But as you’ll see, there are a number of design-issues that make the layout less than ideal.

Designing a kitchen layout to include the addition on our old house.

Standing in the addition, looking at the kitchen. (Two photos pasted together.)

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.