DIY house renovation— a death-defying stunt for your marriage.

Two posts ago, I went back to the beginning of our house renovation—how my husband and I decided to buy an old house and fix it up… a decision based around the front-door’s antique hardware.  And an imaginary before-and-after picture that lived in my head—a picture designed by a DIY-enthusiasm that came from not ever(…)

How we got here… Part Two: I reconsider my ideas about house renovation.

The day after moving is usually a time of reorganizing.  Of shuffling boxes around.  Of moving one pile to another…  A time of trying to find basic necessities like towels and the coffee pot. But instead?  The day after we moved in, Paul woke up at six in the morning.  He built three-stories worth of(…)

Bath Remodel: Fixtures and Vendors

If you missed the bathroom reveal, it’s here! I don’t know how anyone designed their dream bathroom, prior to the advent of online-shopping.  I mean, I understand it if you are a hedge-fund manager.  Or a time-share magnate…  But if you are not?  And you actually want to have money left over to buy shampoo? (…)