Sartre said: Hell is other people… but he never tried to customize a tabber widget.

Wow… it’s been a while, eh?  Where have I been?
I’ve been bending time and space with my mind.

Yes… I’m exhausted, thanks for asking.

Moving this blog only took me twenty-seven times longer than I thought it would.

The amount of time.  And energy.  And thought… that I’ve spent on details like my social-media icons?  Has been appropriate for full-scale nuclear warfare. Or what to wear to a high-school reunion.

Those icons?  Down below, in the sidebar?  I picked them for YOU–you people who read my blog.  Because I love you.

You’re ALL I think about.

It took me roughly 97 hours to get them to line up and have an orange border.

So I REALLY hope you like them.

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A Dear John letter… to

When I met you, it was love at first sight.
You were so buff and tawny and easygoing.
You looked just like Channing Tatum.

You held my hand and whispered encouragement. You took me to the beach for sunset picnics and told me you’d never met anyone so funny.

You stroked my hair, and my ego, and told me that I bore a strong resemblance to Audrey Hepburn. And I when I said, no actually… I think I look more like Elizabeth Taylor?  You agreed so quickly.

I spent all my free time with you, WordPress.Com. I thought about you constantly…  And then you gave me the blog-equivalent of an engagement ring: you featured me.

I swore my everlasting devotion and fidelity.

I ran around addled… high on blog-crack and screaming nonsense at my husband. Actually FRIGHTENING him— by charging into the kitchen and screaming—THEY PICKED ME AGAIN.

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Note: I doctored this screen shot to put my blog first, under the Freshly Pressed heading.  Both for space purposes AND because that’s where it belongs.

Wow. This is totally fascinating… keep reading.