How to make a bow… a step-by-step tutorial.

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My mother is like a cross between Martha Stewart and the set-designer for a 1940’s Hollywood musical… creative.

If you said to my mother: look, tomorrow I’m having three-hundred people to my house for a huge Christmas celebration… and I didn’t plan at all… and all I have is this loaf of bread and some glitter… You would get the glitteriest, sparkliest, most spectacular loaf of bread you can imagine.

People wouldn’t even care that they couldn’t eat it because it would be so tastefully creative.

How to make a decorator's bow... a DIY, step-by-step tutorial… great for holiday wreaths, tree-toppers, or on a special gift! Works with any size ribbon.

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I’m like Gollum. But much taller.

This year I wanted to do less.

Less with my manic, glassy-eyed hauling of stored ornaments. Less of my frantic bow-making when I realize the ribbon I used last year is undeniably hideous. Less of asking myself, where did I put that twelfth box of holiday stuff. Less with the hanging and nailing and hauling ladders and asking Paul to quit performing cold fusion to come help me hang a wreath.

Less of looking at my absolute mountain of Christmas decorations and asking myself WHY I HAVE SO MUCH CRAP.

Every year I go crazy with the Christmas decorations... putting up the front porch decorations.
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Bath Remodel: Before and After.

The bathroom remodel took at least three times as long as it should have.
Possibly four.  Possibly nine.

My decision-making process was gruesomely slow and drove Paul to the brink of madness.

I mean that.  Not in an exaggerated way.  But in a very accurate way.  It made him crazy that he could not force me to pick a tile, a grout, lights, faucets, a sink, towel bars, a shower dial thing…

But?  In my quest for the perfect bathroom / making my husband crazy?  I win.


Totally DIY! Vintage-inspired bathroom remodel.  We used subway tile, marble lookalike and designed a custom medicine cabinet.

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