You know what’s rare? When you inadvertently avoid making an ass of yourself.

I love Halloween like other people love Valentine’s Day.  Or their Birthday.  Or any day when people give you gifts and profess undying love. I love Halloween because you get to wear costumes.  Fake hair.  Fake eyelashes.  Fake glasses.  Fake teeth.  Sparkles, tulle, cowboy hats, crowns, hoop skirts, eye-patches, alien heads… whatever. So when I(…)

An Ode to Strangers on the Internet— where I get naked and show you my stats.

Back in September, I wrote a post about my best friend and me.  I told the story of how, in our early twenties, we packed up her car and moved to Texas. It is by far, my favorite post… but I had anxiety it might fall flat: hoping strangers will read random recollections about your(…)